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    Techno Power is the largest generator supplier from UK direct to Yemen!

    We provide a variety of generator types and other related products such as Diesel generator sets, ATS panels and Synchronizing panels, Cummins generators, Diesel tanks, Renal power solutions, Perkins generators, and a wide range of Deep-sea controllers.

    Techno Power Yemen provide your factory with all possible solutions for generators and panels.

Why Techno Power?


Techno Power - Yemen



    Why Techno Power?

    Right on time: We seek to stock various types of KVAs of generating sets and spare parts so we could provide the customer with what he needs on time.


    High quality: All the products are on a high level of quality according to the international standards, and we test each product well before displaying to the customers.


    Competitive technology: All of our work is according to improved technology that’s why we care about innovation of technology to provide high-quality technical products.


    High-qualified staff: We are a great team of skilled engineers that work very hard to meet customer’s expectation by providing what they need.


    Maintenance: We deliver after-sale services of any product with a specialized team of mechanical and electrical engineers that will solve any problem you might face as fast as possible. It’s our follow-up stage where we do our best to keep the customer happy.


    On-site support: We provide technical training for any client in the Middle East and Africa.


    Our commitment: We made a promise we won’t break that we’re committed to provide you the highest quality of service and fulfill all of your needs.



    • We produce different products like; Diesel generator, Light towers, Synchronization panels, ATS panels, and Cummins generators.


    • Customer’s satisfaction is the mission we need to meet their specifications.


    • We care about the quality of success, so we provide you the all possible services and products for your business.


    • Our hard-working team makes it simple to install, maintain, and sell spare parts and after-sale services.


    • Also, we make sure that you get the highest quality through testing experiments before launching the selling process phase.


    • We execute different specifications for many projects according to customer preferences, and we could implement all fuel tanks buried whether it’s underground or on the surface.

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