Electrical ATS Panel

The Auto Transfer Switch ( ATS Panel )

is Important For emergencies Techno Power Yemen feeds the generator market with an automatic switch switch ,It is an electric control panel in which the part of the beam has two separate inputs from the generator and main supply. It is used when the current is disconnected from the main source so that it works automatically when the power is cut off. It transfers the electrical loads to the backup source, Or the building or shops under work and return to the main source in the case of the return current, and we find that the use of the switch ATS automatic spread in hospitals, industrial complexes and large residential complexes.

The ATS Panel can normally trade stack from key

vitality to emergency control without manager intervention. Exactly when the essential power misses the mark or voltage plunge under 80% of the common voltage, the Panel load up will start the emergency generator, after a preset time of 0 to 10 seconds (portable). At assessed speed, the ATS Panel board will trade the stack for emergency control with open size running from 32A to 4000A. There is a switch suitable for each endeavor’s need.


  • Mechanically held contractor & Breaker
  • Optionally 4 or 3 pole
  • Rating range from 32 to 4000A

Types of ATS Panel :

ATS Motorized Type:

Automatic transfer switch consists of Motorized breaker (MCCB/ ACB) electrically and mechanically interlocked as per the regulations and standards of local Authorities SEWA/ DEWA/ ADDC/ FEWA.

ATS Contactor Type:

Automatic transfer switch (ATS PANEL) consists of 4 pole/ 3 pole contactors mechanically interlocked to transfer the load automatically.

ATS Changeover Type:

Automatic transfer switch consists of Changeover (Automatic) 4 pole/ 3 poles motorized to transfer the load automatically along with the option of the manual bypass. for more information for ATS Panel

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