Closed Type Generators

Closed Type Generators – cummins generator or perkinz

Technopower Yemen feeds the market with the best electric generator of all kinds, such as the closed electric generator,cummins generator OR perkinz which provides silencer in which the sound insulation of the noise of the diesel engine and the generator of the current due to mechanical vibrations in a very high degree.

  • Oversized muffler results in lower sound levels
  • Noise Absorbing Ducting. The sets have attenuation on all Air Inlets and Outlets
  • A.V.M. and high-strength material. The frame and canopy are built with a high-strength material. All doors and movable fixtures are engineered to minimize vibration
  • cummins-generator-sale

Technopower offers all types of closed-tybe generators

that do not produce sound or noise from the generators such cummins generator , In addition, it provides the largest amount of electric energy possible with the highest quality and efficiency of production.
The company’s generators include the world’s leading generators in the world
In the same context, the company offers offers and options for leasing to all generators and provide services for follow-up, dismantling, installation and maintenance 24 hours under the supervision of the largest technicians and engineers specialized in the fields of power generation, in addition to the services of renting and selling light towers for all areas and businesses such as squares in the streets or lighting major events in And open areas
The company also provides all original generator spare parts from the cummins generator and Perkins generators

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