Synchronization Panel

The Synchronization panel`s options

Synchronization panel of the generator is principally arranged and used to meet power structure requirements. These sheets give manual and furthermore the customized synchronizing limit with respect to no less than one generator breakers up to 32 generators in parallel, they are extensively used as a piece of synchronizing generators and offering multiplexing plans.

Synchronization panel Definition

  • A Generator Control Unit: This unit Deep Sea Controller (made-in-UK) naturally coordinates the generator recurrence and voltage levels with that of the transport.
  • A Synchronization panel Unit: Sends the end charge to the breaker at the correct snapshot of stage occurrence.
  • A  panel Check Relay: Performs the dynamic capacity of confirming voltage and stage edge conditions and guaranteeing that they are inside preset cutoff points, earlier enabling the breaker to close.


synchronization panel features

  • Load management
  • Various combinations of load transformer by ACBs, MCCBs or contractors
  • Factory built to client’s specification
  • Load sharing/load shedding
  • Automatic & manual synchronizing
  • Remote SCADA monitoring/web net
  • 3 – pole or 4 pole system as required
  • Advance integral PLC editor


Synchronization panel working module 

Synchronization board will work on a programmed mains disappointment framework, with the goal that when the primary supply is hindered on one or all stages after a flexible defer period the generator sets will start-up together. After an underlying warm-up period flexible the generators will synchronize with each other by methods for mechanized circuit breakers or contactors onto a typical Busbar. Next, the mechanized changeover switch will be shut and the heap will be associated with the principal appropriation box.



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